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Are you planning a remodel or having problems with your existing roof? With East Mountain Roofing, no project is too small and we show that to all of our customers by making their projects our #1 priority! Let us show you the difference that makes. Call us for a free consultation and estimate!


We will windproof and weatherize your home. And we're always available for any emergency. We will be there quickly to help you with your project, even with minor repairs.


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Please take a look at our website and see what we do! Starting on the Roofing page you'll have links to different kinds of roofs we do and information about our preffered products. The Projects page contains roofs that we have recently finished and the Reviews page contains reviews from actual customers! Estimates are always free at East Mountain Roofing!

After a new roof is installed you shouldnt need to do any maintainance for 5 years. After the initial 5 years, yearly inspections and roof maintainance is a simple way to keep from having major problems with your roof down the road. It is an inexpensive way to prevent damage to the inside of your home.


You can find out more about us and our services on the following pages. Feel free to contact us and we will find the right solution for your project!

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The team at East Mountain Roofing is your trusted partner when it comes to roofing and other work in and around the house. Find out more about our company. We would be glad to provide you with competent and comprehensive advice on any project you plan to tackle.

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We just updated the website to have a reviews page with actual documents sent to East Mountain Roofing from our customers. Thank you for the great reviews!

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